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Support Processes
Machining & Profiling

Cheltenham Tool Company has in place a number of support processes that complement our core sheet metal forming business. By performing these processes in house we reduce our cycle times and our dependency on external supply.

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Currently in place at Cheltenham Tool Company are two 5-axis machines, a "DMU 70V" that is primarily used in the production of forming tools and both trimming and inspection jigs.

The second 5-axis machine is a "Rye Turbo Router" used mainly for the trimming and finishing of formed components.

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In addition we employ the use of a CNC controlled "XYZ Lathe" in the production of tools, this lathe is also used in the production of components.

On site are two "HAAS VF3" machines and one high speed "HAAS VF5" machine, these are 3-axis machines used for trimming and finishing components.

Also on site are a number of other machines that you would find in any well equipped tool room as well as specialised machines like degreasers and deburrers.

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Cheltenham Tool Company has three JLS front loader ovens on site. Oven one has the capacity for a 2x1x1 meter basket and operating temperatures of 100ºC to 650ºC. The second and third ovens have the capacity for a 2.2x0.9x1 meter basket and operating temperatures of 100ºC to 650ºC. Oven two has a solution treatment centre attached capable of receiving a full sized basket.

Our heat treatment centre provides us with the capacity to perform a variety of treatments including annealing, super annealing, sub-critical annealing, solution treating, precipitation and age hardening.

We are able to do small assemblies on site primarily using riveted and glued techniques.

Having so many support processes onsite means we are able to keep production costs competitive and accurately control production and delivery times.

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